My teaching interests can be divided into four areas: General psychology courses including introductory psychology, research methods, and statistics; general cognitive psychology courses; courses related to my specialty in cognitive psychology such as auditory perception and music cognition; and cognitive science at the introductory level.

Courses I Have Taught:

Psychology Department, Uludag University

Undergraduate:  Introductory Psychology (I and II), Introduction to Research Methods, Psychology of Learning, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Testing and Measurement in Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Introduction to Neuropsychology, Ethics in Psychology, Memory and Memory Disorders, Thinking and Reasoning, Sensation and Perception, Psychology of Emotion, Reading and Speaking in Foreign Language, Occupational Topics in Foreign Language (I and II), Communication Skills in Foreign Language

Graduate:  Research Methods and Statistics in Experimental Research, Physiological and Biological Foundations of Behavior, Emotions and Emotional Processes, Memory Processes, Perceptual Processes, Language and Thinking Processes, Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology, Psychology of Music, Decision Making and Choice, Interpersonal and Intercultural Differences in Cognitive Processes, Psycholinguistics

Psychology Department, Yasar University

Research Methods in Psychology, Social Psychology

Graduate Program in Cognitive Science, Middle East Technical University

Human Memory, Language and Thinking Processes, Auditory Cognition, Visual Cognition, Connectionism and Human Behavior

Psychology Department, Middle East Technical University

Introductory Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, Experimental Design, Cognitive Processes (I and II), Psychology of Reading, Music Perception and Cognition, Introduction to Cognitive Science